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I purchased a Classic Prius (hybrid-electric, fuel-efficient, super-ultra-low-emission vehicle) back on 9/9/2000 and drove it in Minnesota until I replaced it on 10/23/2003 with an Iconic Prius (which was even cleaner and more efficient).  Then on 5/26/2009, I upgraded to a 2010 Prius (for amazing efficiency).  Following that on 2/29/2012, I got my first plug-in model (pushing MPG significantly higher).  The big upgrade happened 4/01/2017, when I replaced the PHV with a Prime, trading 11 miles of EV driving for 25.  The great driving experience continues, after all that time...

This website is loaded with lots of photos & information about that technological wonder I drive.  The links below highlight recent things I've done, and the  Site Map  provides an illustrated summary of everything else.  Have fun exploring all of it.


4/21/2024 - Many new log entries...  log 1221  thru  log 1276
4/12/2024 - Lots of new bZ4X photos...  album 11  thru  album 16
3/29/2024 - Latest bZ4X video...  Snowy Winter Commute

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Captured a commute to work with my bZ4X:


 Classic Prius Lifetime MPG at  59,827  miles was:  45.4
  Iconic Prius Lifetime MPG at  118,185  miles was:  47.7
 2010 Prius Lifetime MPG at  55,835  miles was:  50.0
 Prius PHV Lifetime MPG at  92,012  miles was:  71.1

 Prius Prime most recent tank refill MPG measured:   80.0     tank data
 Prius Prime Lifetime MPG as of  63,759  miles was:   116.0    

* Recharges using an ordinary 120-volt household outlet (5 hours 30 minutes).
   240-volt connection can be used, but is not required (2 hours 10 minutes).

Prius materials you may find helpful:

User-Guide  (Iconic)


Info-Sheet  (Iconic)



User-Guide  (Classic)


Info-Sheet  (Classic)


User-Guide  (2010-2016)

Home Charging 



PSD (details)




Prius:  Driving a Better Future


Purpose:   To significantly reduce emissions & consumption in a reliable & cost-effective manner.