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I bought a Classic Prius (hybrid-electric, fuel-efficient, super-ultra-low-emission vehicle) back on 9/9/2000 and drove it in Minnesota until I replaced it on 10/23/2003 with an Iconic Prius (which was even cleaner and more efficient).  Then on 5/26/2009, I upgraded to a 2010 Prius (for amazing efficiency).  Following that on 2/29/2012, I got my first plug-in model (pushing MPG significantly higher).  You can't help but to love every minute of it, after all that time () of Prius ownership.

This website is loaded with lots of photos & information about that technological wonder I drive.  The links below highlight recent things I've done, and the  Site Map  provides an illustrated summary of everything else.  Have fun exploring all of it.

 Classic Prius Lifetime MPG at  59,827  miles was:  45.4

2010 Introduction

  Iconic Prius Lifetime MPG at  118,185  miles was:  47.7
 2010 Prius Lifetime MPG at  55,835  miles was:  50.0

 PHV Prius most recent tank refill MPG measured:   83.0     PHV tank data
 PHV Prius Lifetime MPG as of  74,740  miles was:   71.0     PHV daily data

* Recharges using an ordinary 120-volt household outlet.
   240-volt connection can be used, but is not required.


2016 - Still playing catch up.  6 months of updates...  personal log 711  thru  personal log 725

Driving Modes    

2015 - Finally!  Got caught up on my data entry.  New page...  year 4 data

Prius-PHV_Tank-121MPG_EcoMeter    Prius-PHV_Tank-121MPG_DriveRatio


Prius materials you may find helpful:

User-Guide  (Iconic)


Info-Sheet  (Iconic)


User-Guide  (Classic)


Info-Sheet  (Classic)


User-Guide  (2010-2012)

Annual Report




PSD (details)


Type: FULL

Type: FULL (details)

Type: FULL (operation)




This is what enables the two electric motors and the gas engine to interact.

PSD (animations)



Changing Oil

Air-Conditioner Filter





Prius:  Driving a Better Future


Purpose:   To significantly reduce emissions & consumption in a reliable & cost-effective manner.


Mini-Sheet  (Iconic)

Mini-Sheet  (Classic)

Hybrid Types


Multi-Display  (Iconic)

Multi-Display  (Classic)

Understanding Hybrids


Efficiency Misconceptions

Highway Misconceptions

Winter Misconceptions


Owner Summary

Being Green