Prius Photo Album #110

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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My second kayak, and the very last time I drove with one in the middle  (Tues. 6/27/2006):



Testing the roof-rack, now setup to with a pair of kayak rollers & saddles  (Sat. 7/01/2006):

Prius_Kayak_19 Prius_Kayak_20  


The conclusion of a great Summer day at a lake, kayaking with the family  (Sun. 7/02/2006):



You never know what the Clouds & Sun will provide until the last moment  (Sun. 9/17/2006):

Prius_Sunset_68 Prius_Sunset_69  


These long lost digital Sunset photos were begging to finally be shared  (Tues. 11/14/2004):

Prius_Sunset_70 Prius_Sunset_71  


Here's more digital Sunset photos from the past that were hidden away (Thurs. 3/31/2005):

Prius_Sunset_72 Prius_Sunset_73 Prius_Sunset_74


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