Prius Photo Album #113

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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The quest for more colorful scenery resulted in these random photos  (Sat. 10/09/2004):

Prius_FallColors_136 Prius_FallColors_137 Prius_FallColors_138


Down by the Mississippi River, at the boat launch, shortly before sunset  (Sat. 10/09/2004):



Shortly after sunrise, seeking out more Fall Color photo opportunities  (Sat. 10/16/2004):

Prius_FallColors_152 Prius_FallColors_153  


More colors from a Fall long ago, with a digital camera and a Prius  (Sun. 10/24/2004):

Prius_FallColors_154 Prius_FallColors_155 Prius_FallColors_156


The park at the top of the valley, on the opposite side of where I live  (Sun. 10/24/2004):

Prius_FallColors_157 Prius_FallColors_158  


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