Prius Photo Album #117

Last Updated: Fri. 12/17/2010

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Notice my new add-on digital device in the corner.  That's a ScanGaugeII.  (Sun. 5/06/2007):
It's for monitoring ODB-II data, like RPM, so you can easily see what the engine is doing.



The warm season and amazing MPG both end when it's time to harvest  (Weds. 9/22/2004):

Prius_Harvest_14 Prius_Harvest_15 Prius_Harvest_16
Prius_Harvest_17 Prius_Harvest_18 Prius_Harvest_19
Prius_Harvest_20 Prius_Harvest_21 Prius_Harvest_22
Prius_Harvest_23 Prius_Harvest_24 Prius_Harvest_25


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