Prius Photo Album #119

Last Updated: Fri. 6/04/2010

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After 5 years of wanting a photo like this, the opportunity finally came  (Fri. 12/02/2005):



That experience the day before inspired this digital camera adventure  (Sat. 12/03/2005):

Prius_ChristmasLights_02 Prius_ChristmasLights_03 Prius_ChristmasLights_04
Prius_ChristmasLights_05 Prius_ChristmasLights_06 Prius_ChristmasLights_07
Prius_ChristmasLights_08 Prius_ChristmasLights_09 Prius_ChristmasLights_10
Prius_ChristmasLights_11 Prius_ChristmasLights_12 Prius_ChristmasLights_13


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