Prius Photo Album #120

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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Returned to that first location, with a higher quality digital camera  (Fri. 12/16/2005):

Prius_ChristmasLights_14 Prius_ChristmasLights_15 Prius_ChristmasLights_16


A sunset from long ago, on the hill where I live overlooking the valley  (Sun. 11/14/2004):



The sunset itself was actually disappointing, but this before was cool  (Mon. 4/04/2005):



You can't go wrong with tree silhouettes to compliment sunset colors   (Weds. 6/01/2005):



The wait for a sunset will sometimes offers an extra photo opportunity  (Tues. 9/13/2005):

Prius_Sunset_78 Prius_Sunset_79  


There's always a Prius hidden in the photo, look beyond all the colors  (Thurs. 9/29/2005):



You could tell long in advance that this sunset was going to be thrilling  (Tues. 10/25/2005):

Prius_Sunset_81 Prius_Sunset_82  


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