Prius Photo Album #121

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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This particular location has delivered many sunset photos  (Friday the 13th, Oct. 2006):

Prius_Sunset_83 Prius_Sunset_84  


Though not as vivid, this one presented a chance for some creativity  (Tues. 10/24/2006):



A pleasing random moment digitally captured from a Summer years ago  (Sat. 10/01/2005):



Here's another random Summer moment captured much more recently  (Tues. 7/03/2007):



It was time for a digital photo update of the Speedo/Odometer cluster  (Weds. 7/04/2007):

PriusSpeedometer_80235-miles_normal PriusSpeedometer_80235-miles_bright  


Remembering a cold & snowy Winter night, during a hot Summer day  (Sat. 12/03/2005):

Prius_NightSnow_32 Prius_NightSnow_33 Prius_NightSnow_34


Remembering yet another pleasing tank from a Summer of the past  (Fri. 8/19/2005):



The MPG average was off to a great start with this Summer tank too  (Weds. 7/13/2005):



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