Prius Photo Album #123

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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The time had come again to photo document the Odometer status  (Mon. 4/21/2008):

PriusSpeedometer_96448-miles_normal PriusSpeedometer_96448-miles_bright  


Frame grabs from the hi-def video filmed during the 100,000 moment  (Weds. 6/25/2008):

Prius_100000-Miles_MultiDisplay Prius_100000-Miles_Before Prius_100000-Miles_After


What I saw immediately before & after hitting that sweet milestone   (Weds. 6/25/2008):



Just another one of those random Summer moments digitally captured  (Sat. 7/19/2008):



You can never experience enough of these great MPG moments  (Fri. 7/25/2008):



The following day was equally rewarding, memories not to be forgotten  (Sat. 7/26/2008):



Still driving the Prius with excitement, well past the 100,000 mile mark  (Sat. 9/13/2008):

PriusSpeedometer_104362-miles_normal PriusSpeedometer_104362-miles_bright  


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