Prius Photo Album #133

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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Results of my first trip with the 2010, to my Sister's home and back  (Tues. 5/26/2009):



This is what I saw on the conclusion of my commute to home today  (Weds. 5/27/2009):

Prius-MID_Consumption_FirstCommute-1min Prius-MID_Consumption_FirstCommute-5min  


As the real-world data continues to grow, so does the MPG value  (Thurs. 5/28/2009):

Prius-MID_EcoMeter_RandomTrip-01 Prius-MID_Consumption-1min_RandomTrip-01 Prius-MID_Consumption-5min_RandomTrip-01


I switched over to the second trip meter and reset it, see the results  (Fri. 5/29/2009):

Prius-MID_EcoMeter_RandomTrip-02 Prius-MID_Consumption-1min_RandomTrip-02 Prius-MID_Consumption-5min_RandomTrip-02


A photo of the interior, shortly after the sunset with all the lights on  (Fri. 5/29/2009):



Lost digital memories from long ago, at the shore of Lake Superior  (Sun. 9/30/2007):

Prius_LakeSuperior_01 Prius_LakeSuperior_02  



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