Prius Photo Album #135

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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At the park, digital photos just a few days after getting the 2010 Prius  (Sat. 5/30/2009):

Prius_AtThePark_10 Prius_AtThePark_11 Prius_AtThePark_11
Prius_AtThePark_14 Prius_AtThePark_13 Prius_AtThePark_15
Prius_AtThePark_16 Prius_AtThePark_18 Prius_AtThePark_17
Prius_AtThePark_19 Prius_AtThePark_20  


MPG from this drive on a warm Summer evening was truly amazing  (Sat. 6/20/2009):



The resulting MPG for this tank is a great endorsement for the 2010  (Sat. 6/20/2009):



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