Prius Photo Album #137

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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Finally got the clips needed to adapt my roof-rack to fit the 2010 Prius  (Sat. 7/18/2009):

Prius_Kayak_37 Prius_Kayak_38 Prius_Kayak_39
Prius_Kayak_40 Prius_Kayak_41 Prius_Kayak_42


This is how the roof-rack looks without cargo, plus measurement info  (Mon. 7/20/2009):

Prius_RoofRack-FullView Prius_RoofRack-Measure  


Close-Up photos of all 4 roof-rack towers secured to the 2010 Prius  (Mon. 7/20/2009):

Prius_RoofRack-PassengerRear Prius_RoofRack-DriverRear  
Prius_RoofRack-PassengerFront Prius_RoofRack-DriverFront  


For roof protection, use a thin form exercise-mat during attachment  (Mon. 7/20/2009):



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