Prius Photo Album #146

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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After a hard Summer Rain, all the clouds rolled away to reveal this  (Weds. 7/22/2009):

Prius_SummerRain_01 Prius_SummerRain_03 Prius_SummerRain_02
Prius_SummerRain_04 Prius_SummerRain_05 Prius_SummerRain_06
Prius_SummerRain_07 Prius_SummerRain_09 Prius_SummerRain_08
Prius_SummerRain_10 Prius_SummerRain_11 Prius_SummerRain_12


Isn't it great how well digital cameras work when lighting is difficult  (Weds. 7/22/2009):



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