Prius Photo Album #152

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Spending an amazing Summer day with an amazing Prius, the PHV model  (Tues. 8/17/2010):

Prius-PHV_Summer_01 Prius-PHV_Summer_02 Prius-PHV_Summer_03
Prius-PHV_Summer_05 Prius-PHV_Summer_04  


Here's a summary of my results from driving that prototype plug-in Prius  (Tues. 8/17/2010):



That large battery-pack (5.2 kWh) raises the floor in the cargo area a little (Mon. 8/16/2010):

Prius-PHV_Prototype-CargoArea_01 Prius-PHV_Prototype-CargoArea_02 Prius-PHV_Prototype-CargoArea_03


Here are some other photos of the cargo area in the Prius PHV prototype (Tues. 8/17/2010):

Prius-PHV_Prototype-CargoArea_04 Prius-PHV_Prototype-CargoArea_05 Prius-PHV_Prototype-CargoArea_06


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