Prius Photo Album #153

Last Updated: Mon. 3/27/2017

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This was my longest drive with the PHV between plugging in to recharge  (Tues. 8/17/2010):



Shortly before the PHV departed, I took it for an EV spin to the drive-thru  (Weds. 8/18/2010):



Notice how the engine was used only briefly during the previous 18 miles  (Weds. 8/18/2010):



A moment I always wanted a chance to photograph... and got with the PHV  (Tues. 8/17/2010):
Notice how fast the Prius was traveling with the engine completely stop, using only electricity.



A clear indication of the MPG boost you get when driving the PHV fast  (Tues. 8/17/2010):



Cruising along the highway, this was a PHV moment I hadn't anticipated  (Mon. 8/16/2010):



My first day with the PHV revealed enhancements to a familiar screen  (Sun. 8/15/2010):

Prius-PHV_Energy_FirstDay_01 Prius-PHV_Energy_FirstDay_01 Prius-PHV_Energy_FirstDay_03
Prius-PHV_Energy_FirstDay_04 Prius-PHV_Energy_FirstDay_05 Prius-PHV_Energy_FirstDay_06


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