John's Stuff - Toyota Prius Photo Album 155

Prius Photo Album #155

Last Updated: Mon. 3/27/2017

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With the EV sub-packs entirely charged, the MPG was absolutely amazing  (Sun. 8/15/2010):

Prius-PHV_Consumption_FirstDay_02 Prius-PHV_Consumption_FirstDay_03 Prius-PHV_Consumption_FirstDay_04


Photos along the way, on my first commute to work and back in the PHV  (Mon. 8/16/2010):

Prius-PHV_Energy_Commute_01 Prius-PHV_Energy_Commute_02 Prius-PHV_Energy_Commute_03
Prius-PHV_SpeedoEco_Commute_01 Prius-PHV_EcoMeter_Commute_01 Prius-PHV_EcoMeter_Commute_02
Prius-PHV_SpeedoEco_Commute_02 Prius-PHV_Consumption_Commute_01 Prius-PHV_Consumption_Commute_02
Prius-PHV_DrivingRatio_Commute_01 Prius-PHV_DrivingRatio_Commute_02 Prius-PHV_DrivingRatio_Commute_03


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