Prius Photo Album #160

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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Winter here provides great photo opportunities, even without any color  (Tues. 2/09/2010):

Prius_Snow_179 Prius_Snow_178 Prius_Snow_177
Prius_Snow_180 Prius_Snow_181 Prius_Snow_182
Prius_Snow_183 Prius_Snow_185 Prius_Snow_184


Exploring back roads in Northern Minnesota with a Prius and a camera  (Weds. 9/30/2009):

Prius_Fall_102 Prius_Fall_103 Prius_Fall_104
Prius_Fall_105 Prius_Fall_106 Prius_Fall_107


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