John's Stuff - Toyota Prius Photo Album 163

Prius Photo Album #163

Last Updated: Sun. 1/02/2011

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The illumination pattern of snow flakes is a surprise each time  (Weds. 12/23/2010):

Prius_NightSnowFlash_29 Prius_NightSnowFlash_31 Prius_NightSnowFlash_30
Prius_NightSnowFlash_35 Prius_NightSnowFlash_33 Prius_NightSnowFlash_34
Prius_NightSnowFlash_32 Prius_NightSnowFlash_36 Prius_NightSnowFlash_37
Prius_NightSnowFlash_38 Prius_NightSnowFlash_43 Prius_NightSnowFlash_40
Prius_NightSnowFlash_42 Prius_NightSnowFlash_39 Prius_NightSnowFlash_41


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