Prius Photo Album #166

Last Updated: Sun. 10/16/2011

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Energy Monitor photos from back when I first got the 2010 model Prius  (Sat. 7/25/2009):

PriusEnergy_FullPower_02 PriusEnergy_EngineMotorDriveCharge_02 PriusEnergy_EngineMotorDriveCharge_03
PriusEnergy_EngineMotorDrive_02 PriusEnergy_EngineMotorDrive_03 PriusEnergy_BatteryDrive_02


A surprise unique photo opportunity, taken in haste with my cell-phone  (Fri. 2/25/2011):



The video capture setup for scenery, using a regular HD camera   (Weds. 6/22/2011):

Prius_WindowCamera_01 Prius_WindowCamera_02 Prius_WindowCamera_03


The setup when filming scenery when using a GoPro video camera   (Fri. 7/08/2011):

Prius_WindowCamera_04 Prius_WindowCamera_05 Prius_WindowCamera_06


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