Prius Photo Album #170

Last Updated: Sat. 1/07/2012

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The interior is Prius styled, though still distinct from the regular model  (Tues. 5/10/2011):

Prius-V_interior_01 Prius-V_interior_02 Prius-V_interior_09
Prius-V_interior_04 Prius-V_interior_08 Prius-V_interior_03
Prius-V_interior_05 Prius-V_interior_06 Prius-V_interior_10


Here's just some of the many obvious & hidden places to put your stuff  (Tues. 5/10/2011):

Prius-V_cupholders_01 Prius-V_cupholders_02 Prius-V_cupholders_03


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