Prius Photo Album #172

Last Updated: Thurs. 4/05/2012

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It's nice seeing this emblem on more and more vehicles these days  (Tues. 5/10/2011):



Recognizable buttons, but in different locations on this model of Prius  (Tues. 5/10/2011):

Prius-V_buttons_07 Prius-V_buttons_08 Prius-V_buttons_10


60 MPG returned!  Something I didn't expect anymore with this Prius  (Thurs. 1/05/2012):



60 MPG again!  Mild Winter resulted in another great morning commute  (Fri. 1/06/2012):



My 2012 PHV got dropped off after sunset, so first photos were at night  (Sun. 3/11/2012):

Prius-PHV_Night_DRL-lights Prius-PHV_Night_backlights  


In the parking garage, quite curious what those DRL lights looked like  (Mon. 3/12/2012):



Real-World data from the very first drive I captured video with the PHV  (Fri. 4/16/2012):

Prius-PHV_JustDriveIt-01_EcoMeter Prius-PHV_JustDriveIt-01_Consump-5min Prius-PHV_JustDriveIt-01_DriveRatio


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