Prius Photo Album #174

Last Updated: Sun. 6/10/2012

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I especially liked today's ratio outcome, seeing 28 miles of EV driving  (Fri. 4/06/2012):



It was quite riveting to watch this 82 kWh solar-array being installed  (Fri. 10/21/2011):



The very last photo I took of my 2010 Prius before getting the PHV  (Sat. 3/03/2012):



Here's what you can see on the display while the PHV is plugged in  (Sat. 4/07/2012):



This is what I saw upon filling the PHV gas tank for the very first time  (Sat. 3/24/2012):

Prius-PHV_FirstTank_EcoMeter Prius-PHV_FirstTank_DriveRatio Prius-PHV_FirstTank_Monthly


At the end of the month, it seemed worthwhile to take capture status  (Sat. 3/31/2012):



Tank refilling a second time came sooner, with more highway driving  (Mon. 4/02/2012):

Prius-PHV_SecondTank_EcoMeter Prius-PHV_SecondTank_DriveRatio Prius-PHV_SecondTank_Monthly


While documenting second tank info, this was on the other ratio meter  (Mon. 4/02/2012):



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