Prius Photo Album #177

Last Updated: Weds. 10/10/2012

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The result of a long & rainy commute with just one charge  (Thurs. 6/14/2012):

Prius-PHV_SingleCharge_45miles_EcoMeter Prius-PHV_SingleCharge_45miles_DriveRatio Prius-PHV_SingleCharge_45miles_Consump-5min


A truly amazing morning commute, the engine never started  (Tues. 7/03/2012):



This particular tank refill was remarkable to document  (Tues. 7/03/2012):

Prius-PHV_Tank-121MPG_EcoMeter Prius-PHV_Tank-121MPG_DriveRatio Prius-PHV_Tank-121MPG_Monthly


This emblem on the PHV model Prius is very informative  (Weds. 7/04/2012):



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