Prius Photo Album #190

Last Updated: Sat. 11/19/2016

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The rest stops, while out on a shopping trip, were nice for more photos  (Sun. 1/03/2016):

Prius-PHV_WyomingTrip_RestStop_01 Prius-PHV_WyomingTrip_RestStop_05 Prius-PHV_WyomingTrip_RestStop_03
Prius-PHV_WyomingTrip_RestStop_04 Prius-PHV_WyomingTrip_RestStop_02 Prius-PHV_WyomingTrip_RestStop_06


One month into PHV ownership, I went on my first road trip up north  (Mon. 4/14/2012):

Prius-PHV_ByTheRiver_01 Prius-PHV_ByTheRiver_02 Prius-PHV_ByTheRiver_04
Prius-PHV_ByTheRiver_03 Prius-PHV_ByTheRiver_05 Prius-PHV_ByTheRiver_06
Prius-PHV_ByTheRiver_07 Prius-PHV_ByTheRiver_08 Prius-PHV_ByTheRiver_09


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