John's Stuff - Toyota Prius Photo Album 193

Prius Photo Album #193

Last Updated: Sat. 11/19/2016

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Returned to the same location as 2001 and 2010 with two other Prius  (Tues. 8/20/2013):

Prius-PHV_Summer_185 Prius-PHV_Summer_186 Prius-PHV_Summer_187
Prius-PHV_Summer_188 Prius-PHV_Summer_189 Prius-PHV_Summer_190
Prius-PHV_Summer_191 Prius-PHV_Summer_192 Prius-PHV_Summer_193
Prius-PHV_Summer_194 Prius-PHV_Summer_195 Prius-PHV_Summer_196


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