Prius Photo Album #195

Last Updated: Mon. 11/21/2016

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There's were plenty of nice locations to capture that snowy morning  (Thurs. 4/16/2012):

Prius-PHV_Snow_242 Prius-PHV_Snow_241 Prius-PHV_Snow_243
Prius-PHV_Snow_245 Prius-PHV_Snow_244 Prius-PHV_Snow_246
Prius-PHV_Snow_247 Prius-PHV_Snow_248 Prius-PHV_Snow_249


Discovered these forgotten photos from many years ago of my 2004 Prius  (Mon. 11/24/2008):

Prius_Frost_01 Prius_Frost_02 Prius_Frost_03


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