Prius Photo Album #200

Last Updated: Sat. 2/19/2022

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This large wind-turbine was an nice unexpected scenery improvement...  (Sun. 10/16/2011):

Prius_WindTurbine_24 Prius_WindTurbine_25 Prius_WindTurbine_26


Same location, much colder 3 months later, but still great for Prius photos  (Mon. 2/06/2012):

Prius_WindTurbine_20 Prius_WindTurbine_15 Prius_WindTurbine_22
Prius_WindTurbine_16 Prius_WindTurbine_17 Prius_WindTurbine_21
Prius_WindTurbine_19 Prius_WindTurbine_13 Prius_WindTurbine_14
Prius_WindTurbine_23 Prius_WindTurbine_18  


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