Prius Photo Album #201

Last Updated: Sat. 2/19/2022

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Back out at the World-War II testing facility, visiting for more photos  (Sun. 10/16/2011):

Prius_MilitaryRuins_18 Prius_MilitaryRuins_17 Prius_MilitaryRuins_16
Prius_MilitaryRuins_19 Prius_MilitaryRuins_20 Prius_MilitaryRuins_21
Prius_MilitaryRuins_22 Prius_MilitaryRuins_24 Prius_MilitaryRuins_23


Many of these farmer's fields have vanished since these photos were taken  (Sun. 10/16/2011):

Prius_Harvest_37 Prius_Harvest_40 Prius_Harvest_36
Prius_Harvest_39 Prius_Harvest_38  


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