Prius Photo Album #60

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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The special logo shot of my 2004 for the link on my homepage  (Sat. 11/08/2003):



More digital photos from that last beautiful Fall day of the year  (Sat. 11/08/2003):

Prius_Fall_49 Prius_Fall_50  


That much electricity regenerated in just one segment is fantastic!  (Mon. 11/17/2003):



Whoa!  12.5 regen-stars in 30 minutes of driving really amazed me  (Thurs. 11/20/2003):



Connected my Bluetooth-enabled cell-phone to my Prius, so I could use this  (Fri. 12/12/2003):

Prius_Telephone_NumberPad Prius_Telephone_PhoneBook  


Whoa!  This cold weather performance totally amazed me  (Sun. 12/21/2003):



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