Prius Photo Album #65

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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This chance meeting on our trip to Iowa demanded digital photos  (Sat. 1/24/2004):

Prius_Gathering_39 Prius_Gathering_40  


On the drive back, we stopped at the 80-megawatt Wind Farm in Northern Iowa.
Seeing those 89 turbines, each with 171 feet wingspans, was incredible  
(Sat. 1/24/2004):

Prius_WindTurbine_02.jpg Prius_WindTurbine_03.jpg Prius_WindTurbine_04.jpg
Prius_WindTurbine_05.jpg Prius_WindTurbine_06.jpg Prius_WindTurbine_07.jpg
Prius_WindTurbine_08.jpg Prius_WindTurbine_09.jpg Prius_WindTurbine_10.jpg
Prius_WindTurbine_11.jpg Prius_WindTurbine_12.jpg  


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