Prius Photo Album #66

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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Had to keep up the tradition with this Prius... night photos  (Friday the 13th, Feb. 2004): 

Prius_NightSnow_15 Prius_NightSnow_16 Prius_NightSnow_17
Prius_NightSnow_18 Prius_NightSnow_19 Prius_NightSnow_20


This is what happens when the warm weather finally returns  (Fri. 2/20/2004): 



Did you know you these internal hatchback configurations were possible  (Sat. 2/21/2004): 

PriusHatch_RightSeatsDown PriusHatch_StandardConfiguration.jpg PriusHatch_CoverExtended
PriusHatch_FalseFloorRemoved PriusHatch_AccessoriesRevealed  


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