Prius Photo Album #67

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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I needed Speedo/Odometer photo samples for the upcoming Info-Sheet  (Sat. 2/21/2004):

PriusSpeedometer_7650-miles_normal PriusSpeedometer_7650-miles_bright  


Here's what the dashboard looks like at night with an overhead light on  (Sat. 2/21/2004):



The effects of warm weather, more regeneration symbols per segment  (Sun. 2/29/2004):



The location of our next Gathering, as seen on the Navigation System  (Sat. 3/06/2004):

PriusNavigation_TwinCitiesSouth-Full PriusNavigation_TwinCitiesSouth-Split



Moments captured from last Fall, just a few weeks after getting the 2004  (Sat. 11/08/2003):

Prius_Fall_80 Prius_Fall_81 Prius_Fall_82


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