Prius Photo Album #70

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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You can never have enough Fall photos like these  (Sat. 11/08/2003):

Prius_Fall_83 Prius_Fall_84  


As that great Fall day drew to a pleasant conclusion  (Sat. 11/08/2003):

Prius_Fall_85 Prius_Fall_86 Prius_Fall_87


A rather crowded parking lot didn't stop of from finding a way to gather  (Sat. 3/20/2004):

Prius_Gathering_41 Prius_Gathering_42 Prius_Gathering_43


MPG continues to climb up, now that it is finally Spring  (Thurs. 4/08/2004):

PriusConsumption_CloseUp_52MPG_Green PriusConsumption_CloseUp_52MPG_Blue  


Whoa!  Spring has Sprung!!!  (Mon. 4/19/2004):

PriusConsumption_CloseUp_61MPG_Blue PriusConsumption_CloseUp_61MPG_Green  


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