Prius Photo Album #72

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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The first (of many, I hope) sunset photo with the 2004 Prius  (Mon. 4/26/2004):



I only needed a single photo to show the new "HYBRID" label on back...  But with such
a stunning combination of Green & Blue, I couldn't resist taking more
  (Sat. 5/01/2004):

Prius_Spring_42.jpg Prius_Spring_43.jpg Prius_Spring_44.jpg
Prius_Spring_45.jpg Prius_Spring_46.jpg Prius_Spring_47.jpg
Prius_Spring_48.jpg Prius_Spring_49.jpg Prius_Spring_50.jpg
Prius_Spring_51.jpg Prius_Spring_52.jpg  


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