Prius Photo Album #75

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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Just beyond a hilly neighborhood, hidden among the trees  (Thurs. 11/27/2003):

Prius_Snow_114 Prius_Snow_115  


This is the eastern side of that park I take a lot of photos at  (Thurs. 11/27/2003):

Prius_Snow_130 Prius_Snow_131  


The landscape can be very beautiful even along a busy suburb road  (Thurs. 11/27/2003):

Prius_Snow_132 Prius_Snow_134 Prius_Snow_133


You never know what you're going to encounter when driving around  (Thurs. 11/27/2003):



The best tank efficiency yet, at the pump calculated to 54.5 MPG  (Weds. 6/09/2004):

PriusConsumption_CloseUp_56MPG_Gray PriusConsumption_CloseUp_56MPG_Blue PriusConsumption_CloseUp_56MPG_Beige


This odd (yet, pretty sweet) segment pattern sure got my attention  (Tues. 6/15/2004):



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