Prius Photo Album #78

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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Having captured the same effect 3 years ago, I had to with this Prius too  (Fri. 12/05/2003):

Prius_NightSnowFlash_07 Prius_NightSnowFlash_08 Prius_NightSnowFlash_09
Prius_NightSnowFlash_10 Prius_NightSnowFlash_11 Prius_NightSnowFlash_12
Prius_NightSnowFlash_13 Prius_NightSnowFlash_14 Prius_NightSnowFlash_15
Prius_NightSnowFlash_16 Prius_NightSnowFlash_17 Prius_NightSnowFlash_18
Prius_NightSnowFlash_19 Prius_NightSnowFlash_20  


My first full battery-pack.  It occurred after 2.5 miles of downhill driving  (Sun. 7/25/2004):



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