Prius Photo Album #81

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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While the wet & heavy snow fell, I frantically hunted down this location  (Mon. 1/26/2004):

Prius_NightSnow_21 Prius_NightSnow_22 Prius_NightSnow_23
Prius_NightSnow_24 Prius_NightSnow_25 Prius_NightSnow_26
Prius_NightSnow_27 Prius_NightSnow_28 Prius_NightSnow_29
Prius_NightSnow_30 Prius_NightSnow_31  


You can never have enough colorful sunset photos... with a Prius  (Tues. 9/07/2004):

Prius_Sunset_44 Prius_Sunset_45 Prius_Sunset_46


The time was much overdue for a newer Speedo/Odometer photo  (Sun. 9/26/2004):

PriusSpeedometer_21406-miles_normal PriusSpeedometer_21406-miles_bright  


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