Prius Photo Album #92

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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The first Multi-Display photos taken with my new compact digital camera  (Fri. 2/25/2005):

PriusNavigation_TwinCitiesEast_02 PriusNavigation_TwinCitiesEast_03 PriusNavigation_TwinCitiesEast-Compass


I needed a close-up photo of all the buttons surrounding the Multi-Display  (Sat. 2/26/2005):



Thought this photo of the "b-oFF" setting would be helpful for the User-Guide  (Sat. 2/26/2005):

PriusSpeedometer_b-off_normal PriusSpeedometer_b-off_bright  


The warm weather finally returned... then (as expected) it quickly departed  (Sun. 3/06/2005): 



Today I needed an updated photo of the speed/odometer for the Info-Sheet  (Mon. 4/18/2005):

PriusSpeedometer_32104-miles_normal PriusSpeedometer_32104-miles_bright  


Here's a long-lost never-seen-before digital photo of me with my Classic  (Sun. 4/15/2001): 



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