Prius Photo Album #96

Last Updated: Weds. 12/15/2010

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It was the perfect start to a summer weekend, begging for digital photos  (Sat. 6/12/2005):

Prius_Summer_99 Prius_Summer_100 Prius_Summer_101


I wasn't about to let the excitement end that soon, a bit of dirt was needed  (Sat. 6/12/2005):

Prius_Summer_95 Prius_Summer_94 Prius_Summer_96
Prius_Summer_98 Prius_Summer_93 Prius_Summer_97


Then I had to venture onto the grass, where there wasn't really any road  (Sat. 6/12/2005):

Prius_Summer_103 Prius_Summer_102 Prius_Summer_104
Prius_Summer_105 Prius_Summer_106




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