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Last Updated: Sun. 11/25/2007

Since worldwide deliveries of Prius began back in August 2000, owners have been sharing stories & photos about their Prius.  Unfortunately, finding those files with that information within the many online discussion groups has become a challenge.  To make things easier and to provide greater flexibility, owners now have the option of using this website.


These are the owner pages currently available here:

  Allen M  -  Prius Rocks !
  Andrew  -  Prius Taxi of Vancouver B.C. Canada
  Angelo  -  Receiver-Hitch Bike-Rack
  Antoon  -  Prius in The Netherlands
  Bill M  -  Prius Redhead ?
  Bill T  -  Aqua at Yosemite
  Bob M  -  North Shore Silver
  Brian  -  In the Mountains and at Home with an Aqua
  Craig  -  Aftermarket Sunroof
  Colette B  -  So What Drives You ?
  Doug  -  Lighthouse Challenge
  Don  -  2004 Tideland Pearl
  James  -  2004 Seaside Pearl
  Jesse  -  first owned a 2000 Insight, then a 2002 Prius
Jesse  -  leading to and exceeding 200,000 miles
Jesse  -  continuing on up to 300,000 miles
Jesse  -  and still going... at an amazing 333,333 miles
  John  -  1931 Model A Ford  &  2004 Prius
  Kou  -  2004 Driftwood Pearl
  Larry  -  Glad to own a Prius
  Martyn  -  Prius in Bristol, UK
  Mary  -  Picking up Yoda
  Ming  -  Prius in Canada
  Patrick & Lisa  -  Silver Pine Mica 2006 Prius
  Paul  -  Young Prius enthusiast from NJ
  Richard  -  2004 Tideland Pearl
  Rick  -  Prius Love
  Ron  -  California Desert Prius
  Russ  -  2005 Millennium Silver
  Stephanie  -  Tideland:  Nee Nee 2
  Susan  -  Another happy new Prius owner
  Tim  -  When a Prius makes itself at home
  Timothy K  -  2004 Prius debut at the New York Auto Show
  Tom S  -  Crown King
  Victor  -  German Prius: Arctic Blue, Executive version with Navi
  Yuval  -  2005 Driftwood Pearl


Here are some more photo webpages, featuring different countries:

  Visiting a Toyota dealer in Paris, France
  Driving a 2004 Prius in Holland
  Prius in blooming Holland
  Prius in Santander, Spain
  Prius over in the UK (United Kingdom)
  Prius in Finland  (including block & seat heaters and winter tires)


Every wonder what the various Prius colors look like:

  Salsa Red Pearl
  Tideland Pearl
Europe Colours


If you'd like to add something for your own Prius, please send a private message to "john1701a" on the PriusChat forum.

There's no real limitations of what you can do.  Variety is the key.  We all own different color Prius and live in different regions of the country (in some cases, other countries too).  So creating an assortment of photos should be fairly easy.  (If not, there's over a bunch of photos album pages showing off 1701-A to provide ideas.)  Share as little or as much as you'd like.  Just drop me an email stating you're interested.  I'm happy to provide help if you need it. 

These are some external owner websites you should also visit:

  Theo & Michelle's Prius Information
  Robert's 2002 Prius: "Sparky"
  Mr. N64's HTML Prius (Helpful Topics and Mileage Log) - Twin Cities, Minnesota
  Douglas's Prius in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
  Graham's Web Site (Choosing, Driving, Owning, and Understanding the Prius)
  Attila - My Hybrid 2004 Toyota Prius
  Mr. Kash's Prius Page


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