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Last Updated: Sun. 12/07/2008

That was me way back when I first got my Classic Prius, 8 years ago.  Quite a bit has happened since then, including an upgrade to the Iconic Prius.  I set out on a crusade to help lead the way to a better future... which fortunately, has proceeded remarkably well.  Sharing as much information as I possibly could has been the key.  It turned out to be very rewarding.

Living in Minnesota made proving the robust nature of the "full" hybrid technology incredibly easy.  With temperatures ranging from 109F to -18F, I have experienced both extremes from behind the wheel of a Prius.  The system is obviously capable of handling those conditions.  It was fun and provided a wide variety of photo taking opportunities.

Way back in 1993, I created a "john1701a" online identity for myself.  Later on, that same idea became the obvious choice for a personal license plate on my cars.  It took on a symbolic meaning then, especially after transferring it to the Classic Prius followed by the Iconic Prius later.  With that kind of history already established, the decision of what website domain name to use was pretty easy.


This is the origin of the name.  It is the identification on the particular starship I grew up with, which is a source of inspiration for many.  That is the future I am taking steps toward... a future that we can all help to build.  I don't mean traveling through the stars, of course.  I mean a time when most people are no longer driven by greed and they do things just for the sake of helping others. 

In that cinematic future, accumulating money is not an ambition.  For me here and now, it is not either.  All of the work I do to provide Prius stuff is for the benefit of others.  That is why it is all free.

This scene with the horses is from the movie "Star Trek: Generations".  Captain Kirk is discussing with Captain Picard what is truly important in life.  He asks, "Did you make a difference?"

When I ask myself that same question, I can proudly exclaim: "Yes!"

New technology can be used for other things, like taking this digital photo.

They were my buddies, providing friendship as most enduring pets do.  I often let them sit on my shoulders as I updated the website.  They were my reminder of the little ones that need someone like me to make a difference.

The gray bird is Pepper.  He is 90% white-face and 10% cinnamon.  His 14" wingspan and endless determination to chew everything in sight keeps me really busy.

The yellow & white bird was Sarah (she passed away in September 2003 after spending almost 10 years with me.)  She was a pure lutino.  Her majestic crown and 16" wingspan contributed to great photos.  I really like this one, she posed for it the night I got my very first digital camera.

Digital photos of outside scenes, especially sunsets, have always been a source of fascination for me.

Capturing moments like this are always very gratifying.

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