bZ4X Photo Album #11

Last Updated: Fri. 4/12/2024

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It's helpful to have a photo of the vehicle badge for online stuff.  (Sun. 6/11/2023):



99°F degrees.  I captured the drive on video, ending with this photo.  (Weds. 8/16/2023):



I had to visit the first location in Minnesota offering MagicDock.  (Weds. 10/04/2023):

bZ4X_MagicDock_FirstCharge_01 bZ4X_MagicDock_FirstCharge_02 bZ4X_MagicDock_FirstCharge_03
bZ4X_MagicDock_FirstCharge_04 bZ4X_MagicDock_FirstCharge_06 bZ4X_MagicDock_FirstCharge_05
bZ4X_MagicDock_FirstCharge_09 bZ4X_MagicDock_FirstCharge_10 bZ4X_MagicDock_FirstCharge_07

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