bZ4X Photo Album #12

Last Updated: Fri. 4/12/2024

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Battery % difference between dashboard and true by reading ODB-II.  (Fri. 10/06/2023):

bZ4X_BatteryLevel-75Percent bZ4X_BatteryLevel-80Percent bZ4X_BatteryLevel-85Percent


When 100% on the dashboard, 95.3% is the true battery-level.  (Sat. 10/07/2023):



New DC fast-chargers Pine City, could be handy next summer.  (Sun. 10/08/2023):



ABRP (A Better Route Planner) app displays live data  (Thurs. 10/12/2023):

bZ4X_ABRP-LiveData-AC1_01 bZ4X_ABRP-LiveData-AC1_02  


First snow of the upcoming winter, a cold & wet Halloween.  (Tues. 10/31/2023):



Maps on ABRP are really handy, even gives charger status.  (Weds. 11/01/2023):

bZ4X_ABRP-Map_01 bZ4X_ABRP-Map_02 bZ4X_ABRP-Map_03

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