bZ4X Photo Album #15

Last Updated: Mon. 4/22/2024

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Figuring out what detail to capture and how takes practice.  (Thurs. 1/11/2024):



Even colder outside, to watch battery stay above freezing.   (Mon. 1/15/2024):

bZ4X_BatteryHeater-Drive-01_After bZ4X_BatteryHeater-Drive-01_Before  


Comparing previous level-2 heating to DC fast-charging.  (Tues. 1/16/2024):

bZ4X_BatteryHeater-Charger-03_Start bZ4X_BatteryHeater-Charger-03_Graph bZ4X_BatteryHeater-Charger-03_End


Captured battery-heater activity while plugged into level-2.  (Tues. 1/16/2024):

bZ4X_BatteryHeater-Overnight-02_Stat bZ4X_BatteryHeater-Overnight-02_Graph bZ4X_BatteryHeater-Overnight-02_ODBII


Burnsville will be getting DC fast-chargers eventually too.  Yeah!  (Mon. 2/12/2024):



This is the true sign of spring, when mi/kWh (efficiency) climbs.  (Fri. 3/15/2024):


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