bZ4X Photo Album #16

Last Updated: Mon. 4/22/2024

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While monitoring battery-heater, I noticed the impact of Room-Mode.  (Sat. 1/20/2024):



At only 5°F, it was a great opporunity to watch the battery-heater.  (Fri. 1/26/2024):

bZ4X_BatteryHeater_5F-01_Start bZ4X_BatteryHeater_5F-02_30min bZ4X_BatteryHeater_5F-03_60min
bZ4X_BatteryHeater_5F-04_90min bZ4X_BatteryHeater_5F-05_HeaterMax bZ4X_BatteryHeater_5F-06_HeaterOff
bZ4X_BatteryHeater_5F-07_HighestTemp bZ4X_BatteryHeater_5F-08_120min bZ4X_BatteryHeater_5F-09_End


Burnsville will be getting DC fast-chargers eventually too.  Yeah!  (Sun. 1/27/2024):


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