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Prius Videos

Last Updated: Thurs. 3/31/2022

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A remarkable infomentary about the Toyota Prius.

Special Production:  7 minutes 24 seconds

Moving Forward - City

One small step on the accelerator. One giant leap for mankind.

Television Commercial:  1 minute

Moving Forward - Recharge

It recharges every time you hit the brake.

Television Commercial:  15 seconds

Camry-Hybrid Introduction

Camry now with Hybrid-Synergy-Drive.

Television Commercial:  30 seconds

Quick Intro

Personal Video:  3 minutes 33 seconds

Multi-Display  (Classic)

Personal Video:  6 minutes 19 seconds

Multi-Display  (Iconic)

Personal Video:  14 minutes 30 seconds

3 Toyota Hybrids

Now there are 3 Toyota hybrids that use HSD.

Television Commercial:  30 seconds


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