Prius Photo Album #100

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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The middle of Summer is a great time for a drive through corn country  (Fri. 7/16/2004):

Prius_Summer_122 Prius_Summer_123 Prius_Summer_124
Prius_Summer_125 Prius_Summer_126 Prius_Summer_127
Prius_Summer_128 Prius_Summer_129 Prius_Summer_130
Prius_Summer_131 Prius_Summer_132  


Captured an "End of Summer" moment, in both English & French  (Weds. 9/07/2005):

PriusConsumption_End-Of-Summer_English PriusConsumption_End-Of-Summer_French  


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