Prius Photo Album #106

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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This was totally unexpected, a great surprise after leaving the theater  (Weds. 11/30/2005):



I couldn't resist this parking lot, it was a fantastic spot for the Prius   (Sat. 10/09/2004):

Prius_FallColors_95 Prius_FallColors_96  


How many photos would you have taken of this colorful tree cluster  (Sat. 10/09/2004):

Prius_FallColors_98 Prius_FallColors_99 Prius_FallColors_100
Prius_FallColors_101 Prius_FallColors_102 Prius_FallColors_103
Prius_FallColors_104 Prius_FallColors_105  


Fall colors can be somewhat less pronounced, yet still be captivating  (Sat. 10/09/2004):



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