Prius Photo Album #108

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Recumbent Bikes, transporting both of them at the same time.  (Sat. 4/09/2006):
3-Wheel inside, with space still available for other cargo too.
2-Wheel outside, with space on the rack to carry another bike.

Prius_RecumbentBikes_01 Prius_RecumbentBikes_02 Prius_RecumbentBikes_03


Notice how a back seat can be used by just moving the recumbent over  (Tues. 4/18/2006):



Here's what the rack looks like with 2 bikes, a Recumbent and an Upright  (Sat. 4/22/2006):



When the time came for an updated photo, the odometer had a surprise  (Sun. 6/25/2006):

PriusSpeedometer_55955-miles_normal PriusSpeedometer_55955-miles_bright  


A digital moment captured a year ago, but not published until now  (Weds. 6/15/2005):



Here's another Multi-Display photo lost within the digital collection  (Sat. 3/04/2006):



Yeah!  I finally got a Kayak... along with a Roof-Rack for carrying it  (Sun. 5/28/2006):

Prius_Kayak_01 Prius_Kayak_02  


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