Prius Photo Album #122

Last Updated: Fri. 2/18/2022

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Here's a lone Fall photo from long ago, at a location I don't remember  (Sat. 10/16/2004):



Digital photos from my search for the first hybrid gathering location  (Thurs. 7/19/2001):

Prius_GatheringLocation_01 Prius_GatheringLocation_02 Prius_GatheringLocation_03
Prius_GatheringLocation_04 Prius_GatheringLocation_05 Prius_GatheringLocation_06


This is how I decided to block the grille for improved Winter efficiency  (Sat. 11/24/2007):

Prius_GrilleBlocking Prius_GrilleBlocking_CloseUp  


One month later, that well hidden grille blocking foam is still in place  (Sun. 12/23/2007):



The next day, after the snow finished falling, two more grille photos   (Mon. 12/24/2007):

Prius_GrilleBlocking_RealWorld_02 Prius_GrilleBlocking_RealWorld_03  


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